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This is Hansang Yu, Director at Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center!”

We will strengthen the national anti-infectious disease system in farm animals by strengthening the level of veterinarians specialized in farm animal in Korea to world level and educating veterinarians to cope with national disaster-type diseases.

Welcome to the Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center.

It was established in June 2014 with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korean Veterinary Medical Association for the purpose of cultivating farm animal veterinarians who can adapt to the changes in the farm animal field, such as the conclusion of FTA between countries, veterinary prescription system, national disaster type disease, specialization of farm animal veterinarian.

The training center will provide training on (1) farm animal clinical training for veterinary students in the nation, (2) basic training for veterinarians specialized in new farm animals, and (3) professional training for current farm animal veterinarians and through these trainings, it can be strengthen the level of veterinarians in the domestic industry and animals to the world level and veterinary education that can cope with national disaster diseases can strengthen the national preventive system against the occurrence of infectious diseases in farm animals.

In addition, through the development of large-scale veterinary hospitals, it is possible to contribute to the enhancement of the national image by strengthening competitiveness of domestic farmers and increasing incomes and preventing infectious diseases by developing and expanding the consultation for in and out of training center and applied medical treatment system in domestic field.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Hansang Yu, Director at Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center